Katrina Kaufman is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker who splits her time between New York City and Southeast Asia (usually Bangkok or Bali). 

Katrina started her career working on films like the Oscar-winning “Avatar” and "It's Complicated," but left Hollywood in 2009 to return to her undergraduate alma mater, Columbia University, for graduate work in law and journalism.

At Columbia's Law School she earned a J.D. while specializing in issues of privacy and free expression. She was also a research assistant for New Yorker writer and law school Professor Tim Wu (coiner of the term net neutrality). Concurrently, she earned a Masters degree from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, where she focused on digital media production and developed a passion for documentary film.

After graduation she joined Coconuts Media, Southeast Asia's region's fastest growing digital media publisher, in Bangkok, Thailand as Senior Producer. At Coconuts, she helped create and then lead the video department - Coconuts TV - while also acting as in-house legal counsel during Coconuts' aggressive expansion into neighboring markets (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines). 

Today, she produces documentaries and commercials for a variety of clients.



Email: katrina.kaufman@gmail.com